Friday, September 16, 2011

Text for the poster (part 1)

What I want to build

I would like to build a small recreation centre. It would be 5 levels high.
It would have facilities for different group of people. There would be a level with gymnasium/sports facilities, a level specifically for silent rooms and lounges for group meetings or just for conversation, while the ground level would have a sundry shop, some tables and benches for resting, as well as vacancies for small business initiatives to sell their goods in the mini-stalls. There would be a pathway across the ground level.

Where I am going to build it

I plan to build the recreation centre on the grass patch opposite Old SST, surrounded by Blocks 304, 310, 311 and 312.

Why I am building it

The demographics of the population around the grass patch are mostly students getting home or going to school, some adults travelling home or to work, and some elderly taking walks/exercising along the path.
Some of their needs would be to have a sundry stall, for those who have to leave home without breakfast or those who need a drink after exercising before going home, as well as those who need to buy some food for the next day.
Students nowadays do not have many choices for their location of their project group meetings as well as for studying. With the lounges and silent study/reading rooms, they can choose to meet there instead of in school all the time. Adults who wish to have conversations with friends can talk at the lounge as well.
In a community that is noticeably sedentary, the gymnasiums are to encourage exercise.
The mini-stalls are to encourage our budding innovators to have a go at conducting business. These stalls are for small projects such as lemonade stands, or even a family╩╝s garage sale after cleaning out their rooms.
There would be a pathway across the ground level so that those travelling from the Clementi Avenue 6 to Block 310 by foot/bicycle would be able to take a short cut by cutting across the recreation centre.

Values it would bring

This recreation centre encourages social life, as well as good habits such as studying. This centre would also encourage innovation and enterprise, which are all very important. With this centre, I hope that people from this estate would not stay alone in their homes as much, and bond with other neighbours through this location.

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