Thursday, June 30, 2011

Define: Architectural Design

-The art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures.
-A style and method of design and construction of buildings and other physical structures.

-The character or style of building: the architecture of Paris; Romanesque architecture.


-Informally refers to a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system (as in architectural blueprints, engineering drawing, business process, circuit diagrams and sewing patterns) while “to design” (verb) refers to making this plan.
-To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.
-To prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of: to design a new bridge.
-A graphic representation, especially a detailed plan for construction or manufacture.


Architectural Design:
-Concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objective(s) under the given constraints or limitations. See also behavioral design.

Architectural design is basically an artistic way to design/construct buildings.